Making the right first impression

Anyone can say they’re devoted to customers, employees and dealers. The real difference comes in what they do to back that up.

It’s Monday, and I’m traveling to Elkhart, Ind., today to interview the top executives of Nautic Global Group: Bob Moran, Jim Orbik and Rick Gasaway. Last night, as part of my preparation, I visited its new corporate website,, and while I expect the article will ultimately be determined more by what I hear and see today and tomorrow than the brief overview of the company that was provided online, it made the right first impression.

What stood out the most to me in reading through the various sections of the site was the way the company appeared to put equal weight on satisfying its employees, dealers and boat buyers. Its mission, for example, reads:

To lead the boating industry globally by profitably producing high quality boats for every passion. Maintain the highest ethical standard, while enhancing consumers’, dealers’, employees’ and shareholders’ interests.

But it didn’t just mention these three in its mission. Its vision, strategy and even the “secrets to success” talk about the importance of all three. I don’t know a lot about Nautic Global, but what I do know is that many of the other successful marine businesses I’ve studied put a similar emphasis on the needs of this trio. With that said, anyone can say they’re devoted to customers, employees and dealers. The real difference comes in what they do to back that up. That’s why I’m here – to learn that. And I’m looking forward to sharing the results with you.

If you have a Nautic Global Group story to share – or a story about your company’s devotion to its customers, employees and business partners, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to share it below.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Nautic Global Group’s website. The site is clean and does cover the entire community from boaters to dealers and employees. I did not see a corporate blog which might add value at the industry level. But I like the way they’ve created Facebook fan pages for all of their brands as well as a Twitter page for Nautic Global itself.

  2. Liz: Great comments as usual. Our Industry needs to walk the walk in these directions; too many of us have poisoned the well a bit and turned the consumer, the end-user, off, sometimes never to see them come back to boating. I think of this every time I fight a warranty battle with one of our manufacturers. It’s almost always less expensive to keep your dealer and your consumer happy with good solutions, but it’s all too frequent that the manufacturer does not see it that way. We gotta do better, and i think we are trying, but the “meantime” is hurting us. Best, Ed Lofgren

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