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In the marketing world we always hear the phrase, “Content is King.” We see that ways of consuming content, from reading blogs to streaming video and through any channel in between, is more popular than ever. But what is it about content that draws so much attention? And how can we make sure that our content is performing at the optimal level to convert online shoppers to in-store buyers?

Storytelling is key to successful content marketing. In order for consumers to remember your dealership when they are ready to make a boat purchase, you need to create a memorable experience for them – and telling a story is one of the best ways to do that. On your website, sharing the history of your business is a great way to help customers establish a connection with your brand. Blog posts authored by dealership staff members sharing why they are passionate about boating or telling a personal story about a boating experience can make customers feel like they know you. Both storytelling styles create positive associations between your audience members and your dealership, increasing the chance that they will choose to do business with you.

Great content keeps people coming back. Can customers find all the information they need when they visit your site? It’s crucial to keep inventory and pricing information up to date, but it’s also important to remember things like sales promotions, special offers, and your event calendar. If people know that they can always check your website to find the latest updates, they will return to your site on a regular basis – making it more likely that they will also browse your latest boat units and perhaps even submit an online lead while they are there. A smart way to keep these announcements and updates at top of mind is by using a homepage slideshow with regularly updated slides sharing the latest news.

Content curation applies to every platform your business uses to touch customers, and that includes social media channels and marketing emails. How do you create the best content to help your audience on these platforms? Social media is typically a good place to show your dealership’s personality, make announcements, and interact with followers by answering questions and leaving comments. Email marketing should provide as much of a personalized experience as possible for your recipients. Marketing Automation tools can ensure that prospects receive messages that are related to their interests, based on the actions and behavior they display on your site.

The goal of creating content is to help your prospects along the customer journey, and the entire scope of your online presence should be considered in your content marketing efforts. While social media content may be more casual and allow you to make personal connections, email marketing content should be highly targeted to appeal to individual customers. Content on your site should appeal to a first-time customer as well as a dealership regular. All of your content should be created thoughtfully and strategically, with the customer journey in mind. Not only does great content give your prospects and customers what they are looking for, but it also helps you achieve your business goals by helping to drive higher conversions.

Lauren Labunsky is the public relations manager for Dealer Spike, a company that provides innovative websites as well as a suite of powerful online advertising solutions that help marine dealers help increase sales and service profitability. For more information, visit or call 800-288-5917.

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