How of Business podcast offers useful tips, advice for owners

A relatively new podcast for small business owners and entrepreneurs is worth checking out if you’re struggling with the challenges of running your business.

The How of Business launched in April and now boasts more than 30 episodes in its archives, with topics ranging from customer service to blogging to hiring and more. I discovered it in June and have been catching up on episodes since then. Depending where you are in the life of your business, various episodes are going to be more helpful than others, but even an established small business can take a lot away from many of the episodes.

It’s hosted by two small business owners, David Begin and Henry Lopez, and features interviews with a number of successful business owners. It is produced by Levante Business Group, a business consulting and coaching firm, but unlike many business podcasts, there’s no hard sell here. They mention the company, but they’re not wasting your time pitching their services.

If you’re looking to improve your business acumen, your marketing or your management skills, check it out. The podcast is available via iTunes or at its website.

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