Fly fishing for women

I love when someone uses their passion for an industry to fulfill a gap they see in the market. I particularly love when that industry is boating.

Last year, April Archer launched her own fly-fishing business, Sarabella Fishing, tailored primarily to women and girls. She designs customer fly-fishing rods made specifically for women and girls. The company’s goal is to empower more women to fish and enjoy the sport.

“I saw a gap in the number of women beginning to fish and the products available,” said Archer in an interview with Colorado 7 News. “I think they like having something that was made for them, where they can choose their colors, they can choose their grips, their sizes.”

Personally, I find this business incredibly encouraging. Not only do I love Archer’s entrepreneurial spirit, Archer is opening a sport to a demographic that normally doesn’t feel incredibly welcome. I looked through the shop and while some of the colors are your standard girl colors, she had a lot of product offerings and great tips on choosing the right gear for you. She’s not trying to “girlify” fly fishing; she’s welcoming a new audience.

The inclusionary business model is one we need to replicate throughout the entire industry. Strategies like Archer’s will help us grow fishing, which we know will inevitably help us grow boating.

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