#BICoverPics contest ends tomorrow

We’ve been having some fun at Boating Industry with our #BICoverPics social media contest. There have been photos of staff members’ children, superhero recreations, selfies and more.

We wanted to try and have some fun with the contest ourselves because we want to use as many fun photos from you all as possible in a display at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo.

While we want you to have some fun with the contest, you don’t have to go completely overboard – like some members of our staff…

Yes, I dressed like Captain Ahab for a photo, but what’s the point of doing social media if you can’t be a little silly?


There’s still time for you to submit your own photo and be entered to win a Bluetooth speaker. And who knows? Maybe editor-in-chief Jonathan Sweet will throw in some random boating stuff laying around his office when he mails out the speakers.

Just snap a quick one and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or all three, if you feel like it) by October 9, but be sure the photo is public and can be viewed by anyone – we don’t want to miss it!

You don’t have to get all dressed up for a photo if you don’t want – heck, flip the camera around on your phone and snap a quick photo with your copy of a Boating Industry issue at your desk. Personally, I always have my copy of the Market Data Book handy.

If you can’t find an issue, feel free to take a selfie with an iPad or computer open to the Boating Industry website. If you’re worried you can’t take a photo with the issue before the deadline, we’ll also take any photos you may have of yourself on a boat, because we know you have some of those hanging around.

Check out some of the photos submitted by the Boating Industry editorial and art staff!





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