Weekly 5: Brunswick, boat dealer sued in Illinois


The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of news, tips and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every Tuesday on BoatingIndustry.com.


1. Brunswick, boat dealer sued in Illinois

An Illinois man has filed suit there against Brunswick Corp., AW Corp. and Belleville Sports Sales.

Roger Sweeney claims he was injured in May 2013 while attempting to use a Motorguide trolling motor he purchased at the Belleville, Illinois, dealer. He filed the suit earlier this month.

2. Georgia, S. Carolina close to boating pact

Residents of Georgia and South Carolina will soon have an easier time of it if they violate the other state’s boating laws.

Under a new agreement, non-resident violators for minor offenses will simply receive a written citation, as residents do. Previously, non-residents would often be taken to jail for the same offense.

3. Fish & Wildlife Service proposes changes to grant program

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced plans to change some details of the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program in a notice last week.

The changes would include renaming some programs and further clarifying what types of projects for which grants can be used.

4. Home prices up 12.9 percent in February

The latest price index shows a 12.9 percent year-over-year gain in home prices.  Rising home prices help drive more discretionary purchases as homeowners feel more confident in the value of their largest asset.

5. Tips on tapping into the Hispanic market

Successfully reaching the growing Hispanic market is important for any industry these days. Some of the tips on grabbing their tourism dollars detailed in this article are worth considering for those trying to attract them to boating as well.

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