Weekly 5: States tackling new boating laws

The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of news, tips and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every Tuesday on BoatingIndustry.com.


1. Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri tackle boating laws

With state legislatures in full swing, many states are addressing boating laws, with news coming out of three last week.

  • In Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe removed from HB 650 a provision that would have exempted many boaters from taking mandatory education.
  • In Kentucky, the “Boater Freedom Act” will require enforcement officers to have a reasonable suspicion boating laws are being violated before boarding a vessel.
  • The Missouri state senate has passed SB 785, allowing the creation of a temporary boating safety education card for out-of-state renters and for one-time use by state residents so they don’t have to take the state-required safety course.

2. Mortgage delinquency rate lowest since 2007

Good news from the housing sector as the fewer people are behind on their mortgages.  Calculated Risk reported that Black Knight’s monthly First Look report shows a rate of 5.52 percent in March, down 16 percent year over year. It’s also the lowest rate since October 2007.

3. New Mercury museum drawing visitors

Mercury, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, recently opened a museum dedicated to the company’s history. This article shares some of the highlights.

4. Assessing the impact of profit sharing

The NY Times “You’re the Boss” small business blog has an interesting post on measuring the impact of a profit sharing plan on your business by an owner who implemented one last year. Be sure to click through from that post to see his posts from last year on designing and implementing the plan.

5. Why you need to post on Facebook on Friday

By Friday, employees’ attention is wandering and Facebook is a good way to catch the attention of those killing time until the weekend, Entrepreneur writes.

According to a recent Adobe study, the best engagement is that day, with strong results on Saturday, too.

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