Weekly 5: Hundreds of U.S., Canadian boats seized in Mexico

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1. U.S., Canadian boats seized in Mexico

Mexican authorities have seized hundreds of boats at eight marinas there claiming the vessels didn’t have proper permits.

The 338 boats, most of which belong to U.S. or Canadian nationals, can be held for up to four months or sold at auction. The boats are required to have a $70 Temporary Import Permit that proves holders own their boats and promise not to leave them in Mexico or sell them there.

Many of the boat owners said they had the permits and were never notified of the impending seizure. The U.S. embassy in Mexico City said in a statement that it is discussing the issue with Mexican authorities.

2. Proposed New York rule targeting invasive species

State officials in New York are proposing a new mandatory boat inspection system to combat the spread of invasive species there.


The proposal would require boaters to drain their boats and remove all visible plant and marine life from boats and trailers before launching or leaving a state boat launch. A two-year pilot program is being introduced on Lake George this spring.

3. Boating advocate killed when boat capsizes

Steven James, a Massachusetts man who worked for a number of boating organizations, was killed last week when the boat he was in capsized on the Westport River.

Among other groups, James was of the Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association (SBCBA), a member of the board of directors of the American Bluefin Tuna Association and served on advisory boards and panels of the National Marine Fisheries Service and the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.

4. How Netflix reinvented HR

Movie rental service Netflix started as a small operation before growing to the big player it is today. This Harvard Business Review blog shows how the company created a culture of excellence that defies expectations.

5. Why print still needs to be part of your marketing plan

Print’s not dead and new innovations make it a powerful marketing tool, writes MarketingProfs this week.

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