Manatee Technical College earns ABYC accreditation

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Foundation has designated the Marine Service Technology course at Manatee Technical College (MTC) a Marine Trades Accreditation Program (MTAP). Launched in 2022, the MTAP ensures training is aligned with   industry needs, at both secondary and post-secondary schools. Manatee Technical College is located in Bradenton, Fla.

“The administration and faculty at MTC have shown how well they work with the students and with the marine industry,” says Sarah Devlin, ABYC Foundation’s accreditation director. “Watching MTC instructors Freddie Fowler and Ron Tomlin seamlessly share teaching duties as the students work independently and with confidence in a clean, organized, and well-equipped shop is a prime example of what an MTAP should be. We are very enthusiastic to continue working with them.”

“We teach our students from the ground up, which gives them a firm foundation that can be built upon as we move into more complex topics such as engine diagnostics and repair, electronics installation, network installation, and electrical diagnosing and troubleshooting,” says Fowler. “Not only does this program provide a firm foundation for students, but it also prepares them for the future.”

To achieve MTAP designation, ABYC staff reviews the program application prior to approval by an Accreditation Commission populated by marine industry professionals with stakes in both education and workforce development. Once the application is approved, the ABYC Foundation sends an onsite team to the school to verify application information and to hold interviews with administration, faculty, and students.

MTAP benefits include a full ABYC membership with 10 users, four copies of Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, online access to the ABYC standards, discounts on education and certifications with free certifications for instructors, and lower student membership rates.

Accreditation is available to all high school and post-secondary school marine service technology programs that deliver consistent and reliable instruction on industry-acknowledged topics and techniques. Practices, resources, and instructors must all meet ABYC Foundation Accreditation Commission standards. Visit to learn more.

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