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FarSounder announces leadership changes

FarSounder has announced that Matthew Zimmerman, the company’s former executive vice president of engineering, is taking over as CEO. Their former CEO, Cheryl M. Zimmerman, is continuing her role as Chairman of the Board as well as taking on the position of Market Development Strategist. Matthew Zimmerman is one of the founders of the company and the leader of the ...

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FarSounder celebrates 20 years

FarSounder Team

2021 marks two decades that FarSounder has been dedicated to developing their unique 3D Forward Looking Sonar technology (3D FLS). Back in 2001, the founders saw a need for a solution to answer the question of what is in front of my vessel underwater right now. This real-world issue has since been mitigated with their innovative Argos navigation sonar systems.  ...

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