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Marketing strategies for growth: ADA web compliance and ADA-related lawsuits

By Harry Casimir In the United States, one in five people have a disability. And yet, only 10% of the internet is web accessible. The American Disabilities Act was developed in 1990 and declares that all places of public accommodation remove any access barriers that would inhibit a person with disabilities from accessing the business’s goods and services – including ...

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It’s been a record year, now what?

By Matt Sellhorst The data is coming out and the 2020 season has been an enormous success so far, especially considering the state of the world, upcoming presidential election and overall uncertainty. It’s great to celebrate, then, ask what’s next? Virtually every dealer has added new clients and generated a ton of new leads. So, in addition to the huge ...

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Increase your ROI by optimizing your online showroom

By Pete Batten Imagine a customer walks into your dealership showroom and there are no units on display. Do you think that customer will still make a purchase? Probably not. So, what about your online showroom? Today most consumers begin the shopping process on the internet, browsing images of units before they ever visit the dealership, which is why it’s ...

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Winning with YouTube video ads: What you need to know

By Matt Sellhorst Have you ever watched a YouTube video while researching a major purchase? Video is one of the best tools for those early stages in the educational spectrum of a boat buyer.  Now, what if you could show your video ad to those people watching videos that are likely in boat shopping mode? With more and more people ...

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Your best marketing strategy

October record month for detail boat sales

(Hint: it may not be what you think, or maybe it will) By David Gee We are all constantly inundated with news of the next new marketing strategy, or strategies. And you would think an article with the headline about your best marketing strategy would be about the latest, greatest, platform or program. Perhaps augmented or virtual reality? Maybe phigital ...

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Ocean Marketing celebrates 50 years

Manufacturers representative firm Ocean Marketing is celebrating 50 years of service this year. Founded in Boxford, Mass. in 1970, today Ocean is headquartered in Guilford, Conn. and represents many of the marine industry’s leading equipment and accessories manufacturers up and down the east coast of the US, some for more than 35 years. Ocean president and CEO John Thommen acquired ...

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A dictionary for more sales

By Matt Sellhorst Words have power. The power of words can change over time. For example, if I said Corona just a few months ago, what would pop into your head? A sandy beach, a lime and a beer, right? Now, what pops into your head? As a write this, even my 6-year-old girl Emery would say “the virus.” This ...

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Marketing strategies for growth: Changes to Google making an impact

Joe Iribarren, Beyond Creative

By Joe Iribarren These are hard times for many businesses across the globe, including obviously boat dealers. Local governments are forcing some to close completely, some are open for parts and service alone, others are selling virtually, and so on. Regardless of your particular situation, everyone is trying to figure out how to adapt to this ever-changing landscape quickly. I ...

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Marketing strategies for growth: Tackling down times

David Gee blog

Why an economic downturn is not  the time to cut back on your marketing By David Gee When was the last time you relied on your gut instinct, or intuition, to guide you or make a decision? When this sixth sense kicks in it creates a primal, immediate response and understanding. There’s no need to think something over or solicit ...

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