NMMA ramping up PR efforts ahead of peak boating season

The NMMA has been ramping up PR efforts ahead of peak boating season, working with news outlets nationwide to keep recreational boating top of mind. This week’s news coverage in high profile outlets, such as Car & Driver and the business and tech go-to source The Hustle, plus pickup from last week’s CNBC profile piece generated more than 200 earned media placements, nearly $200K in ad value, and a reach of 325 million impressions for the recreational boating industry.

Here are this week’s story highlights:

Car & Driver did a roundup of “quarantine toys” for its April print issue, online now, looking at the rise in interest outdoor recreation products last summer at the onset of the pandemic. The feature included a “Quarantine Toy Picker” directing people to a boat, PWC, RV, and other recreational products, and featured NMMA data.

The Hustle, a digital hub for business and tech news, highlighted the demand for boating amid the pandemic in a feature that reaches 1.5 million subscribers daily.

The story on the rise in boat sales/boating demand on CNBC last Friday got picked up by dozens of TV stations, online outlets and newspapers around the country – from local network affiliates, to major market papers, and online outlets such as Upworthy – and pickup has continued through this week.

As NMMA continues to engage with the media, the team is encouraging all members to share their experiences. For more information, please contact Sarah Salvatori at ssalvatori@nmma.org.

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