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Correct Craft hosts first ‘Culture Summit’

Correct Craft, long known for its commitment to people and culture, has launched a new Culture Summit for senior leadership and human resources managers within the marine industry. The Culture Summit will take place on January 14 – 15, 2020 at the Orlando Airport Hyatt Regency. The Culture Summit will explore the importance of effective culture in our companies, include ...

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When dealership culture eats your business strategy for a snack

This blog was originally featured on PowersportsBusiness.com and has been republished with permission. Dealerships are made up of many complicated layers. Like most complex systems, there are parts you can see visibly and other parts are not easy to see with the naked eye. Because dealerships are complicated and complex systems, you often have to peel back the layers to truly understand ...

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What not to learn from Uber

Yesterday, The New York Times announced that Uber had fired 20 employees amid an investigation into the ride sharing company’s workplace culture. The company has been under fire for what has been described as “deep-seated management and culture issues,” which have been brought to light as current and ex-employees have shared their stories. And they’re pretty bad. Perkins Coie investigated ...

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Building a boating culture anywhere (even Iowa)

We talk a lot in this industry about developing the boating lifestyle and extending the boating culture to customers. Recently, the Boating Industry team took a day trip to see a couple of our Top 100 dealers in action. I know there are great businesses across the country promoting the lifestyle, but Parks Marina is among the best I’ve seen. ...

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