The Better Bungee

Upon seeing a new bungee in the market it’s easy to think, “what’s so special about this one?” However, when it comes to construction material, variety of products and environment adaptability, The Better Bungee is shattering expectations. The Boating Industry editorial team had the opportunity to test four of The Better Bungee’s products: The Better Bungee Strap, Slotted Strap, Build-A-Bungee Kit and Bungee Balls.

All of The Better Bungee’s products are made of lightweight polyurethane that remains unaffected by UV rays, water, gasoline and diesel fuel and oil, making them a great tool in the marine environment.

The company offers three different types of hooks on the ends of its bungee products: stainless steel, galvanized metal, or over-molded nylon. However, the over-molded nylon seems to offer the most beneficial application in the marine industry, as the hooks prevent any scratching or marring.

All of The Better Bungee’s straps come with the claim that they will safely stretch to two times the original length, so naturally we had to put it to the test. In testing we pushed the products to their limits, with no visible cracks, tears, etc. as a result. Each time the bungee was stretched, it easily snapped back to its original length.

With sizes ranging from 12-inches to 36-inches on its straps and cords, 6-inches to 12-inches for the Bungee Balls and the Build-A-Bungee Kit offering users the opportunity to create a bungee specific to their needs, the bungee could find endless use in the marine environment. From strapping down batteries, extra fuel, fishing rods and anything else you could think, The Better Bungee seems to be able to handle it, all while taking a beating from the elements.

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