Tow boat captain arrested for DWI

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — TowBoatUS captain Timothy R. Pooler was arrested for boating under the influence after responding to a call.

Pooler was asked to rescue two men who were in a disabled boat 25 miles from shore. According to reports, it took Pooler four hours to reach the men, and then pulled the disabled boat in circles for two hours.

At dawn, he asked the rescued men to drive the boat, which then ran out of gas. The disabled boat was able to re-start and tow the tow boat. The men then cut Pooler loose, but broke down again. Another tow boat was dispatched, which brought the men to shore.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission picked up Pooler, who admitted that he was drinking and should not have reported for duty as a tow boat operator, and charged him with drunken boating.

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