Magma Products promotes Mike Porter

LAKEWOOD, Calif. – Boat grill manufacturer Magma Products has promoted Michael Porter to head up its Marine Sales Division and serve as liaison with the company’s new national representative, The Derema Group, reported company founder and CEO Jim Mashburn.

Porter has been with Magma since 2002 in varying positions of increased responsibility.

“Mike has made remarkable inroads in an increasingly competitive marine market,” Mashburn said.

Porter said his goal is to work with The Derema Group to develop key strategies to increase Magma’s markets.

“I’m looking forward to working with the people of Derema to ensure Magma’s brand recognition continues to be number one and to rapidly grow our business,” he said.

Magma Products said it’s the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills. The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.

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