William F. Miller & Associates builds for the future

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – William F. Miller & Associates is formulating a senior management team to further increase customer satisfaction, increase line penetration and ultimately take sales to a higher level, the company said in a press release Tuesday. During a company meeting on April 20, the following promotions within the company were announced and put into place:

Marcus Bailey-Team Director of Principal Development
This position has been created for Bailey to enhance allegiances and create further business opportunities. His responsibilities include factory communication involving marketing ideas and plans, sales reports, competitive product development, acknowledgements of ordering procedures, market changes and critical customer information. Bailey has been with the Miller agency for over 15 years, and his sales territory will be modified to accommodate his increased agency responsibilities.

Chris Drahman-Team Director of Sales Development and Training
Drahman’s success in his territory stems from his customer commitment and the successful business relationships that he has developed over his 10 years with the agency. This new position will allow Drahman to demonstrate his developmental abilities throughout the entire William F. Miller territory. Responsibilities include outside sales development, enhancing customer relationships, continued in-house sales training to maximize sales efforts, and analyzing line penetration and opportunities.

Dan Field-Team Financial Officer
Field’s newly created position will give the agency the guidance needed to expand and fund the additional sales drive it has put into place. His responsibilities include setting budgetary guidelines, analyzing financial opportunities and driving accountability. Dan has been with the agency for over 23 years.

To round out the William F. Miller & Associates corporate structure, the following
assignments have taken place:

Kimberly Althaus-Team Director of Inside Sales Training and Development
Althous’ responsibilities include training the inside sales team on how to effectively communicate with and assist their corresponding outside sales representatives.

Lynne Drahman-Team Director of Marketing and Sales Analysis
Responsibilities include marketing the William F. Miller agency; developing factory
marketing components to influence sales; maintaining the agency’s Web site; creating
The Lagniappe News, the agency’s monthly newsletter; and analyzing monthly sales while communicating results to the sales field.

Responsibilities include coordinating buying group functions and planning corporate
events and outings with both factories and customers. Lenderman has been with William F. Miller & Associates for almost 10 years.

Corinne Wilson-Directors’ Coordinator
Wilson’s responsibilities include scheduling and correspondence for Joe Miller, Chris Drahman and Marcus Bailey. She will also be the principal liaison to arrange in-house meetings and trainings. Wilson has assisted both Bill and Joe Miller for 15 years
and has seen the company through much of its growth.

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