Yanmar releases financial results for first half of 2022

Yanmar Holdings has announced its interim consolidated financial results for the first half of FY2022.

For the current interim consolidated accounting period, net sales were 483.8 billion JPY, a 15.5% increase from the same period last year. Ordinary income was 37.7 billion JPY, a 53.4% increase from the same period last year. Supported by growth in overseas sales, especially in construction equipment, generators,
and components in North America and Europe, Yanmar achieved high sales in the interim financial results.

In the second half of the fiscal year, despite supply shortages of some production materials such as semiconductors and concerns about rising raw material prices due to inflation, demand is expected to remain strong, and the June 29, 2022 forecast for net sales and ordinary income has been revised upward to 970 billion yen and 50 billion yen, respectively, for the current fiscal year.

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