Ingenity partners with Aqua superPower

Aqua superPower and boat manufacturer Ingenity have announced a strategic partnership to jointly promote marine e-mobility in the sports and leisure boat sector.  Aqua superPower and Ingenity will be collaborating to drive charging infrastructure and compatibility standards to make clean electric boating accessible and accelerate the transition to marine e-mobility.

Ingenity Electric is focused on expanding zero emissions and sustainability throughout the marine industry. Earlier this year the company launched its 23E day-boat. Aqua superpower has been rolling out its network of marine fast chargers with installations in the US at Lake Tahoe and Lake Michigan, and in Europe along the Cote d’Azur (France), Venice (Italy), Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the UK.

Sean Marrero, President of Ingenity, stated, “Ingenity will continue to lead the way in enabling boaters to do what they love on the water in a more sustainable way, but electrification is about more than just boats.  We must also come alongside like-minded companies to provide the next generation of infrastructure, distribution, and support.  There is nobody doing more on the marine charging side than Aqua superPower, and we are happy to be working closely with them to create a better tomorrow today for more boating customers.”

Scott Canning, VP Business Development USA of Aqua superPower said, “Electric boats need charging and chargers need boats. Our strategic alliance with Ingenity adds to the growing stable of leading electric boat makers Aqua superPower is working with to drive and develop marine fast charging interoperability, safety, and compatibility standards. We are very excited to partner with such a prestigious boat brand as Ingenity to jointly facilitate the adoption of sustainable, clean boating.”

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