Malibu introduces all-new 2021 M220

2021 Malibu M220

Malibu Boats has announced the release of its all-new M220. The new luxury wake boat takes its cues from the flagship M240, blending the best of Malibu’s tech and innovation into a 22-foot 5-inch package while sacrificing nothing on the iconic wakes the M-Line hull is known for.

“Like all of our towboats, the M220 was born out of customer demand,” said CEO Jack Springer. “The response to the M240 was overwhelming. We kept getting requests for a more compact version of the ultra-premium M240, so we worked incredibly hard to make a boat just under 23 feet that would live up to the new benchmark the M-Series set. The result is nothing less than a ground-breaking towboat that sets a new standard in its size class.”

The M220 has the same striking profile that fans will instantly recognize from the M240. Exclusive to the M-Series, this deeper M-Line hull features a high freeboard that allows for more ballast, more storage and a larger on-water presence than your average midsize towboat.

The M-Line hull also allows for the M220 to cut through rough water like a bigger boat while still handling like a more compact boat.

The ballast system includes both plug ‘n’ play and Quad Hard Tanks with eMLS fast-fill and fast-drain pumps.

The M-Line hull equipped with Surf Gate™, Power Wedge™ III and Surf Band™ tames all this wake potential. Surf Gate is Malibu’s patented surf system to create a perfect wave on either side of the boat with the touch of a button, Power Wedge III customizes the wake or wave to your ideal shape and Surf Band puts you in control of the entire experience while you’re riding. Boat speed, wave switching for transferring from side to side, wedge controls and music volume are all right there at your wrist without ever having to shout at the driver.

Standing tall over the lounge is the all-new 2021 Malibu G5 tower, a standard arch that tows riders as well as it supports board racks and speakers, or the top-of-the-line Malibu Gx tower, complete with automatic raising and lowering and even a mister option for those extra-hot summer days.

The M220 comes standard with the revolutionary Malibu Monsoon M6Di direct injection engine. The boat is also available with the Malibu Monsoon M5Di and Malibu Monsoon LT4 powered by GM MARINE. Every Monsoon engine is built in Malibu’s custom 70,000-square-foot engine plant and enjoys the same five-year factory warranty as the new M220.

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