Lund introduces new Mod-V 2017 Renegade series

Lund is introducing the 2017 Renegade series, a Mod-V fishing boat built with Lund’s IPS hull.

The Lund Renegade comes in two models: the 1775, which measures 17 feet, 9 inches and is rated for a 90-horsepower engine, and the 1875, which measures 18 feet, 9 inches and is rated for a 115-horsepower engine.

This series offers a model for both bass and crappie anglers. While each model includes a 95-inch beam and 22-gallon fuel capacity, the primary difference between the two is found in the livewell placement. In each bass model, anglers receive a 35-inch, 22-gallon aft livewell located behind the seats. The crappie models are designed with two additional seat bases in the bow, and a 12-gallon bow livewell that’s easily accessible from the casting deck.

The Renegade models are designed with storage in mind. The 1775’s port side bow rod locker holds rods up to 8 feet in length, and the 1875 holds rods up to 9 feet. The custom-fitted internal tubes keep rods organized and safe.

The middle compartment of the casting deck is built to store tackle trays filled with fishing gear. The starboard storage compartment is built to store soft plastics and extra outerwear or gear.

In the cockpit area, there’s a hidden storage system beneath the bench seats of the Renegade; anglers won’t be able to tell it’s there until it’s needed. Simply flip up the seats and there’s a place to store accessories such as culling beams, livewell treatment and spools of line.

In the back of the Renegade, both co-anglers and boat owners will enjoy two large storage compartments complete with drain plugs. Each compartment holds up to six 3600 tackle trays, or offers space for extra drinks, snacks, boat tools and rain gear.

The 2017 Renegade was built to handle the most abrupt movements and weight shifts from multiple anglers. Lund included its patented IPS Hull with reverse chines so the boat doesn’t pitch dramatically from one side to the other when weight is shifted.

The oversized casting deck was built for two grown men to easily fish from the front deck without constant fear of flying treble hooks and tungsten.

The Renegade is responsive to movement of the trolling motor. It is built so that when fishing shallow, backwater areas in search of skittish bass, it maneuvers the skinny water with minimal disturbance.

The Renegade is designed with reverse chines, a flat center pad and a full-length center keel. With a 90-horsepower, four-stroke engine, the 1775 Renegade reaches a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour at top end. The hole shot is quick and the bow drops quickly, giving the driver a clear field of view for maximum safety.

While many other aluminum boats tend to plow, even with a fully trimmed motor, Lund says the Renegade’s bow lifts quickly and easily to increase acceleration and provide enhanced maneuverability.

Design feature include smooth lines, bold colors and modest Lund graphics. The Renegade features the fiberglass console from the Pro V Bass model. The gauges are easy to read, while the control panel switches are attractive, yet simple and straightforward. The flip-up cleats also promote a clean look and stay out of the way while flipping and landing fish to reduce inadvertent line tangles and snags. Also included are integrated bow and aft LED lighting.

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