Pleasurecraft completes major factory upgrades

Pleasurecraft Engine Group (PEG) recently completed several projects to improve their factory and increase manufacturing efficiencies.

These projects include:

  • A new sub-assembly area allowing for more efficient assembly down the line;
  • Additional state-of-the-art production lines specifically for direct injection engines;
  • A run/calibration station that provides automatic diagnostics and engine calibration downloads;
  • A new engine component balance machine providing more accurate calibration and an overall higher quality product; and
  • Reorganized storage for plant parts and finished inventory providing better production flow that ensures higher quality and efficiency.

Echoing the new image and culture of PEG since its acquisition by Correct Craft, numerous aesthetic enhancements were made that include freshly painted buildings, updated property fencing, landscaping, a new driveway, and a new company sign.

“The entire Pleasurecraft team is excited about the new fast paced, high energy work environment these factory upgrades and manufacturing efficiencies have provided while also improving our already high quality products.” PEG President Mark McKinney said. “The support we’ve received from Correct Craft has allowed us to create a new image and culture for PEG that will continue to generate positive moves into the future.”

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