Northwest Marine Trade Association announces marine career fair at Seattle Boat Show

SEATTLE – The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) is organizing a career fair at the Seattle Boat Show on Feb. 1, 2016, featuring 25 local marine-related businesses with more than 75 full-time positions plus many seasonal ones. Attendees will be given free admittance to the Boat Show for Feb. 1 so that they may explore the show, talk to exhibitors and learn more about the boating business and lifestyle. The show opens at the conclusion of the career fair at 11 a.m. and runs until 8 p.m.

According to George Harris, president of the Northwest Marine Trade Association, 2015 appears to be the fourth consecutive year that Washington State boat dealers had a year-over-year increase in unit sales and the best since 2009 with new boat sales – including up 24 percent since 2014. Other affiliated businesses – local boat builders, yacht outfitters, boat yards and more – are experiencing similar growth, creating many job opportunities. The immediate openings are for all facets of business such as sales, customer service, administration, some seasonal, but most of the need and open positions are for skilled marine technicians, experienced mechanics and skilled laborers (fiberglass work and repair, welding, glazing, rigging, painting).

The average salary for these jobs is $70,800 benefits for maritime industry employees in Washington state – more than $20,000 above the average wage in Washington.

 For a complete list of participating companies, visit:

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