RFA encourages anglers to comment on EPA ethanol increase

NEW GRETNA, N.J. —  The EPA has announced its plan to increase ethanol volume requirements which will push the total ethanol volumes to record highs.  Industry projections estimate that as soon as next year the so-called “blend wall” will break. This means more and more ethanol will be on the market, and ethanol-free fuel will be harder to find. This is a significant danger for marine engines which are not designed or legally allowed to run on higher blends of ethanol, like E15.  Anglers and boat owners should be concerned about the potential damage that E15 can cause to engines and fuel system components.

The government has opened a public comment period until July 27th.  Recreational Fishing Association is encouraging its members to weigh-in on this pending regulation through the following action campaign created by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the lead industry group that has been working on the ethanol issue.   To oppose this proposal, please click here and submit your comments to the EPA.  It is critical that all boat owners speak up and oppose the government’s increasing mandate.

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