Virtual Driver Interactive, U.S. Power Squadron launch Boating Skills Trainer

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. -- Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc. (VDI), the leading provider of simulation training solutions for commercial and education applications, today announced the launch of the Boating Skills Virtual Trainer, a first-of-its-kind boating simulator providing users with recreational power boat driving skills and the opportunity to practice those skills safely before getting on the water.

The interactive Boating Skills Virtual Trainer embodies a realistic boating experience using sophisticated water physics developed by Virtual Driver Interactive and course content provided by the U. S. Power Squadron, as well as input from the National Safe Boating Council, the Boat U.S. Foundation, Brunswick Marine, Mercury Marine and Boston Whaler. The simulation-based training compliments on-the-water training programs and requires the same level of competency.

The Boating Skills Virtual Trainer has been recognized by the Canadian Safe Boating Council winning the Marine Industry Award for its ability to provide a highly realistic boating experience while teaching boating safety skills. Users will ‘drive’ a 20’ Boston Whaler with a real Mercury Marine throttle, trim, navigation lights and horn as they experience nine exercises including working lines, open water operation, fairways, pivot turns, docking, mooring, beaching, man overboard and more. It also includes training in heavy wind, strong current and day/night scenarios with multi-lingual options as well (English, Spanish, French & Mandarin).
The boating simulator boasts high-end technology featuring three high definition monitors with an expansive field of vision and reacts accurately to trim settings, current and wind, in day or night scenarios, all controllable by the driver. All lessons occur on an open, 40 square kilometer expansive lake, which includes a complete marina, navigational markings, beach area, and shallow water. Distinct sections of the lake are set aside for docking, slalom, passing/meeting/overtaking other boats, mooring, and other open water maneuvers.

“We are excited to offer an interactive and engaging boating experience while teaching how to navigate safely through congested and sometimes treacherous waters,” said Bob Davis, CEO & President, VDI. “The Boating Skills Trainer is more than just a simulator, it is a technology proven to transfer a super high retention of lesson experiences unlike other safety training.”

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