#ChooseBoating: Inspiring the Next Generation of Boaters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ChooseBoating.org is pleased to announce a new and exciting project aimed at getting young people involved in boating. The mission of the project is to promote the boating lifestyle and its associated invaluable life skills by encouraging current boaters to introduce young people and their families to the water. This summer our volunteers and boating partners are taking 100 kids to experience family boating, and our aim is to grow the program through a grass roots, crowd sourced, worldwide effort.

We at ChooseBoating.org believe there is no better family recreational activity on earth than boating. A bold statement indeed! How do we make such a claim? In short, we believe this based on our own boating experiences that have enriched our lives beyond what many reasonable people would expect possible.

Boating builds Life Lessons young people can learn that will serve them well over the course of their journey to adulthood. This is a key point and much of the reason that drives the passion behind ChooseBoating.org. Exposing kids to boating gives them much more than just a hobby. It gives them a jump start on skills that will serve them, their families, friends and communities throughout their lives.

ChooseBoating.org was started by two lifelong boaters – Anna Islamova, CEO of MoreBoats.com, and Matt Howard, a broker with United Yacht Sales. “We are thrilled that the boating community is interested in participating and making a difference!  It started with our friends – boaters who are excited to participate by taking as many kids as possible boating this summer. And now, boating business are joining the community and contributing to the success of the ChooseBoating.org project. ” – says Anna Islamova

We are very thankful to Freedom Boat Club San Diego, Boating Times Long Island, Members of Marina Del Rey and Fairwind Yacht Club for helping us start the community!

We invite you to get involved! Visit our website at ChooseBoating.org and choose boating!

If you would like more information about ChooseBoating.org, please contact us: annai@moreboats.com

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