Broker speaks out against yacht brokerage deregulation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla, — Cromwell Littlejohn, president of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, recently spoke out against deregulation of the Florida yacht brokerage industry in an editorial in the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Littlejohn said the potential end of the Florida Yacht and Ship Brokers Act and subsequent deregulation of the yacht brokerage industry would undermine the professionalism of Florida-based brokers.

He wrote the piece in response to a bill passing through the Florida house, CS/HB 5005. Littlejohn’s group, as well as the Marine Industries Association of South Florida and Marine Industries Association of Florida oppose the measure.

Littlejohn writes: “With its international reach, Florida's yacht brokerage industry is the envy of the world. Y&SBA protects buyers, sellers and brokers by ensuring that all yacht brokers operating in the state are licensed and bonded while conducting business according to the highest ethical and professional standards.”

He also maintains that the Y&SBA passes no cost to the state or taxpayers, as it consistently reports an annual financial surplus.

To read the article, go to: Regulating Florida's yacht brokers

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