Windy Boats forms partnership with Eidsgaard Design

NEDENES, Norway — Windy Boats of Norway is cooperating London-based interior design firm Eidsgaard Design on a new interior vision for its latest generation of boats.

EDL has been charged with creating a distinctive new Windy interior aesthetic that combines contemporary design and fine craftsmanship with clean lines and luxurious detailing. The design concepts for the new interiors combine clean, neutral backgrounds with textiles accents, walnut floors and finishes, and stainless steel details.

The first boats to receive the new interiors are the Windy 31 Zonda weekender (starting in April), the 40 Maestro high-performance family cruiser and the 44 Chinook hard-top sports cruiser, both of which will be available in the fall. Plans are also underway to transform the Windy 48 Triton, 52 Xanthos and 53 Balios.

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