Skipper Bud’s opens marine repo center

OSHKOSH, Wis. — In response to the sluggish economy, boat dealership Skipper Bud’s is “rebadging” its Oshkosh location on Lake Butte des Morts as the Midwest Marine Repo Center, it reported in a statement today.

“The times are just right for businesses such as boat dealers to offer consumers who would like to stretch their budgets a real break on luxury items,” the company stated.

Skipper Bud’s recently purchased as many as 150 units from a bankruptcy proceeding and has a selection of consignment boats from area banks, according to the company. The Repo Center concept evolved because the company believes that inventory is more marketable and accessible if it is all located in one central site.

We are experiencing “tremendous sales in Oshkosh in comparison to a year ago,” said Mike Pretasky, Jr., president. “The Repo Center is now in position to offer boats on consignment for local lenders and for marine floorplanners.”

Skipper Bud’s has 20 locations throughout the Midwest serving boaters in Wisconsin,
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, Arizona and Florida and offering services that include retail boat sales, financing and insurance, mechanical and fiberglass repair, parts, accessories, storage, drystack, full service marinas and transportation.

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