BoatU.S. Towing Service targets rental boat clubs

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – BoatU.S. Towing Services has created a new on-the-water towing and assistance program tailored for rental boat clubs, it reported in a statement today.

“We are giving rental clubs a better way to protect their investment and ensure their member’s experience remains positive,” said BoatU.S. Towing Marketing Supervisor Ann Sooby.

To date, seven clubs representing 53 locations have signed up, including Freedom Boat Club, SailTime, Carefree Boat Club, Olympic Circle Sailing Club, Chesapeake Boating Club and Club Nautique, according to the company.

The program offers towing services by BoatU.S.’ TowBoatU.S. and Vessel Assist fleets and is only available to rental boat clubs that operate as a club requiring membership, BoatU.S. reported. Boats in a club’s fleet are enrolled in a BoatU.S. Towing Plan, which start at $135 depending on location. Towing Plan membership cards are issued in the name of the vessel and kept onboard, BoatU.S. explained.

The club’s members receive the same service as BoatU.S. members, according to BoatU.S. When trouble occurs, the club member simply hails the local TowBoatU.S. or Vessel Assist responder via VHF channel 16, or can call the responder directly or dial the BoatU.S. 24-hour toll-free dispatch at 800-391-4869. After the job is done and the towing invoice is presented, the rental boat club member signs the bill and BoatU.S. picks up the tab at no cost to the club member or any further cost to the club, it stated. There is no reimbursement process or other paperwork.

“This program gets a disabled vessel and the family aboard safely back to the club dock, and gives the club member great peace of mind,” said Sooby.

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