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Want to know how important follow-up is to your overall CSI scores? Here’s an example: One Top 100 applicant boasted impressive sales CSI scores. Via a third-party measurement, the dealer received an average, over three questions and 264 responses, of 96.6 CSI. But the dealer’s follow-up CSI — one question: Has the sales person contacted you since delivery? — registered an incredibly low score of 66.67. This dropped the company’s overall average to 89.37.

You might think there was a problem in the reporting, or maybe the number was skewed because of low response. Such is not the case, however. During the same period the year prior, the dealer’s scores were quite similar: 97.17 for all sales and 68.87 for follow-up, dropping the average to 90.53. Year to date, the dealer had also averaged 96.27, and its follow-up CSI (70.24) dropped its overall average to 90.01.

Think of the overall improvement this dealer could make in his customers’ satisfaction if he just followed up with them in a regular fashion. Think, too, of other opportunities that might be afforded him if he pulled those scores up: more sales, better relationship with manufacturers, growth opportunities and so forth.

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