Cobalt unveils new warranty, parts system

NEODESHA, Kan. – Cobalt has begun a new computer-based warranty management and parts ordering system to allow its dealerships to provide faster service, the company said in a release yesterday.

The new system will enable dealers to search for and order parts and complete all warranty claims with newfound speed, accuracy and efficiency, the company said.

The system is expected to eliminate duplicated work at the dealership and at Cobalt’s headquarters in Neodesha, and the entire process will become paperless from data entry through to delivery and payment for the part or service.

Cobalt’s turnaround times, once measured in weeks, should now be reduced to a few days. Cobalt quality control will also improve, as tracking of vendor performance (for purchased parts and raw materials) becomes more detailed and more immediate, the company said.

“The system is full of potential,” Debbie Meigs, executive administration manager, said. “We are working closely with our dealers in bringing everyone on board.”

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