Landfall, Revere Supply sign on to safety program

STAMFORD, Conn. – Offshore outfitter Landfall and survival equipment manufacturer Revere Supply Company have joined the “Because Our Acquaintances Think Safety” on-water education campaign, according to a recent release.

BOATS was launched last year by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s Boating Division and is designed to raise awareness of boating safety, reduce accidents on the water and promote the proper use of personal flotation devices.

“Over the past five years, there were more than 300 accidents and 37 fatalities on the water in Connecticut,” Eleanor Mariani, Boating Law Administrator for the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, said in the release. “While there are inherent risks in virtually any sport, the major cause of boating fatalities is drowning and the majority of those who drown are not wearing life jackets. We are very happy that Landfall and Revere have joined our very successful BOATS campaign. This will allow us to expand our efforts that encourage boaters to always wear life jackets.”

Throughout the 2010 boating season, the Department of Environmental Protection boat “Prudence” will be traveling the Connecticut waterways talking directly with boaters about safe boating practices and educating them about state and federal requirements for safety equipment. Until Labor Day, each time Prudence goes out the crew will collect names and randomly select three of these boaters to receive $50 gift certificates toward the purchase of a Revere inflatable PFD at Landfall. The winners will be announced each week using local media and the Facebook pages of Landfall and the Boating Division.

“It is well-known that drowning is the leading cause of marine fatalities and many of these tragic accidents could have been prevented if the victim had been wearing a lifejacket,” Henry Marx, president of Landfall, said in the release. “Education is the cornerstone to safe boating - a well-educated boater who uses common sense and courtesy on the water contributes to everyone’s safety and enjoyment.”

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