Summer Sailstice to bring sailors together

SAN ANSELMO, Calif. – More than 10,000 sailors will celebrate this year’s Summer Sailstice June 21-22, organizers said in a press release today.

Founded as a way to unite the diverse and dispersed sailing community, Summer Sailstice is now used by numerous sailing clubs, classes and organizations as a way to launch the summer sailing season and connect with others locally and globally.

Summer Sailstice is structured so any sailor can participate regardless of what or where they sail. Sailors register on the Summer Sailstice website ( to tell others about their weekend sailing plans, find and organize events in their local areas, and become eligible to win one of more than 300 sailing industry prizes.

Sailors from 49 states and 20 countries have registered to participate.

“The goal of the global event is to empty all the berths and harbors in the Northern Hemisphere, getting all sailors, friends and family out on the water on the first two days of summer,” said John Arndt, founder.

“With the price of gas over $4 per gallon and increasing concerns about global warming and protecting the environment, it’s time for sailing to bring attention to this more earth-friendly way of enjoying life on the water,” Arndt said.

One of Summer Sailstice’s key messages in 2008 is promoting the natural harnessing of wind power for recreational enjoyment with negligible impact on the environment. Towards this end, Summer Sailstice is affiliated with the Ocean Conservancy and is hosting a virtual Summer Sailstice circumnavigation of the globe. Participating sailors are asked to pledge funds to the Ocean Conservancy for every mile sailed during the Summer Sailstice weekend with the goal of everyone sailing a combined 26,000 miles, equivalent to one circumnavigation of the planet. All funds raised will go toward the Ocean Conservancy’s ongoing ocean preservation programs.

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