Grow Boating Television debuts today

CHICAGO – Today, the industry’s Grow Boating Initiative (GBI) will introduce what it’s calling “one of its most creative and informative tools engineered to date,” designed to keep stakeholders abreast of the latest Grow Boating news, Grow Boating Inc. reported in a statement yesterday.

Grow Boating Television (GBTV) is a new series of video news clips that will be sent directly to industry stakeholders via regular e-mails, providing them with updates on the Discover Boating integrated marketing campaign, Dealership and Product Certification and Water Access efforts. Designed like typical television news segments, GBTV episodes will be included as a link in the NMMA e-newsletter, Currents, as well as posted and archived on, and several other industry web sites.

“We’re constantly seeking ways to better communicate the continuous stream of Grow Boating activity to stakeholders and as a result developed the concept for Grow Boating Television,” said Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Grow Boating Inc. “Grow Boating is the biggest initiative our industry has ever undertaken, and therefore it’s critical for stakeholders to receive informative, digestible results as easily and quickly as possible. We realized we’d need to create a means of communicating that would deliver the facts but was also entertaining in order for stakeholders to find it useful.”

Stakeholders are encouraged to post links to the latest GBTV episodes on their respective news and company web sites. Grow Boating can provide the necessary details, and the videos can easily be streamed off

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