Gulf Coast states buoying the boating market

MIAMI – One area of the country is outselling the rest of the United States, according to Info-Link, which just updated its Bellwether Report through February.

“For the 15 ft-plus powerboat market, the Bellwether curve has consistently tracked below the “All States” curve for the past year or so,” explained Jesse Wells, director of Sales & Marketing. “This is because the Gulf Coast states, most of which are not part of the Bellwether group, are essentially buoying the market at large, presumably due to hurricane recovery.”

This is in sharp contrast to other regions of the country, namely the Great Lakes and New England states, which are both sharply down, he added.

Info-Link’s February Bellwether Report, which is based on registrations of powerboats 15 feet in length and above, is available for viewing at:

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