Marine dealerships eager to become certified

CHICAGO – To date, more than 200 marine dealerships are on the path to become certified under the Grow Boating Initiative’s Marine Industry Dealership Certification Program, with more than 500 dealership personnel registered to attend Dealership Certification Launch meetings, which take place throughout the country, Grow Boating said in a statement Wednesday.

“Marine Industry Dealership Certification set a goal to certify 250 dealerships in 2006, and it looks like we will meet and exceed that goal this year,” said Phil Keeter, Marine Retailers Association of America president. “The number of dealership personnel attending the launch meetings is strong evidence dealers are embracing the concept of industry certification wholeheartedly. The time commitment dealers are exhibiting truly indicates their desire to better service the consumer and manufacturer support of dealership certification is encouraging dealers to get on the certification bandwagon and enroll in the program.”

A dealership certification program that provides both consumer and dealer benefits is fundamental to Grow Boating. The Marine Industry Dealership Certification program focuses on the areas that affect dealership quality: operations, facilities, professional sales/service processes, customer satisfaction and employee training/satisfaction.

“Manufacturer support and dealer participation in this program is very uplifting,” said Thom Dammrich, National Marine Manufacturers Association president. “It demonstrates a growing desire to improve customer satisfaction and improve the consumer experience, which is a key component to the success of the Grow Boating Initiative. With trained and committed dealerships on hand to serve boaters’ needs, we can expect customers to come back again and again.”

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