Suzuki Marine weighs in on engine-dumping ruling

BREA, Calif. – Outboard engine builder Suzuki Marine does not agree with Monday’s vote by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to proceed with its investigation into allegations of unfair pricing practices by Japanese marine-engine manufacturers, the company said through a press release yesterday.

But Suzuki also said it is not surprised by the ITC’s action.

“Suzuki Marine expresses its disappointment in yesterday’s vote by the International Trade Commission confirming its intent to continue the investigation into allegations that outboard motors from Japan are harming the domestic industry,” the release said. “The announcement was expected, however, as the commission typically moves forward at this stage. Suzuki has cooperated fully with all aspects of the investigation and continues to stress it is a fair competitor, and not involved with so-called predatory pricing.”

Suzuki said in the release that it believes the commission has “ample evidence” to show the domestic outboard marked has been “unsettled” by several factors, including technological advances, growing consumer demand for four-stroke motors, and reliability problems with direct-injected two-stroke motors.

“The bankruptcy of Outboard Marine Corporation created additional disruptions among the buying public and upset relationships with boatbuilders and dealers,” Suzuki’s release said. “These factors – and not claims of pricing irregularities – have provided opportunities for some manufacturers and challenges for others.

“Suzuki is confident that at the end of the investigation, the ITC will have sufficient information to rule that the pricing of outboard motors from Japan is not damaging the domestic industry.”

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