Maverick boasts record growth

FORT PIERCE, Fla. –The Maverick Boat Co., Inc. reported a strong financial performance for fiscal year 2003, with corporate revenues up 27 percent, according to a statement from the company yesterday.

In addition to the company’s financial growth, the company has also expanded its labor force 29 percent, growing from 140 fulltime employees to over 180 in fiscal 2003. Maverick is also investigating the acquisition of additional land or preexisting facilities to increase production capacity and significantly expand the scope of its business operations, the company stated.

“The company’s financial performance is the strongest it has been in our twenty-year history and reflects the collective efforts of our dedicated employees and tier-one dealer network,” said Scott Deal, president of Maverick Boat Co.

Deal attributes Maverick’s success to focusing on business basics or what he refers to as the “3Qs”, said the company.

“We recently did some soul searching to identify our company’s core values,” said Deal. “During this exercise the leadership team developed our corporate mantra the 3Qs. The 3Qs embody our commitment to being a quality company, with quality people and quality products. It is a simple business model that everyone can easily embrace and most importantly it works.”

The Maverick Boat Co. is an integral member of the Fort Pierce and St. Lucie County business community with aggressive plans for the future, according to the company.

“We started our business in Fort Pierce and have every intention of remaining in St. Lucie County, as well as being a key contributor to the community and playing a leadership role in building the business base while creating additional jobs locally,” said Deal.

The company has launched several innovative programs including: GED certification, teaching English as a second language, training on financial management, credit counseling for purchasing a home and providing access to other essential services to help employees effectively manage both their business and personal affairs. All of these programs are funded by Maverick and are available to employees both during and after working hours, the company reported.

“We are investing in our employees overall success not only on the job, but at home with their families,” Deal explained. “The company has been very successful and we believe that we have an ethical responsibility to provide our employees with the skills to be as successful as they can be, so they get a fair shot at the American dream we all strive for. We are all in this together and are stakeholders in our continued success.”

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