New Markets Task Force dedicated to awareness and education

The New Markets Task Force (formerly the Diversity Task Force) is one of the six RBLC initiatives focused on strategies and tactics to grow boating. The task force was designed to study and make recommendations to the boating industry in order to introduce the boating lifestyle to emerging new markets.

“The task force is focused on how to grow the industry by welcoming and encouraging new markets to experience the boating lifestyle,” said Kenton-Smith, who chairs the New Markets Task Force. “By working collectively with industry stakeholder groups, this effort should contribute to boating’s growth.”

In its first year, the task force established the VIP Influencer’s Group, which is comprised of Hispanic, African American and Asian professionals working in the marine industry. Through surveying the influencer’s group, the New Markets Task Force received feedback and identified needs for attracting these demographics to boating.

For its second year, the task force will now focus heavily on education for the industry, creating modules and developing materials the industry can use in their businesses.

“We are planning to develop and produce new programming this year to provide important information, case studies/success stories and strategies,” said Kenton-Smith.

If you are interested in joining the New Markets Task Force or VIP Influencer’s Group, please email Kenton-Smith at

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