Passion is contagious

By Adam Quandt

As someone who barely grew up boating or anywhere near the boating industry it’s very easy to say that I was someone who came into this industry with very fresh and very wide eyes.

However I learned one thing very quickly when I began my tenure with Boating Industry, this industry is full of passion. Whether someone is selling boats, building boats, writing about boats or anything in between, it is done so with immense passion for boating and the surrounding lifestyle.

Needless to say, that passion I encountered was completely contagious and I dove headfirst into this incredible industry. Now, I would venture to say that passion for boating is even more contagious when we take a look at consumers of boating and its lifestyle.

Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin quite frequently cites the idea of a Blue Mind — also a book from author Wallace J. Nichols — or the idea that there is substantial benefit people receive from spending time on, near or in water. I believe it is that Blue Mind that drives our passion around this industry.

“Cutting right to the bottom line – people are notably healthier physically, mentally and emotionally when they are around water. It’s noticeable that people are more creative, inspired, and content there too. Life truly is better on the water and the boating industry facilitates that. We truly make life better,” Yeargin wrote in a blog for Boating Industry. “As an industry we inherently know this, but we are not as bold about it as we should be. There is no question that boating can be considered expensive, but we are helping people build relationships, develop strong families and be stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. We are helping our customers perform better in life both on and off the water. We, of course, understand that boating costs money but we should be proud (and loud) about the benefits we offer; you can’t put a dollar amount on the value of what we provide.”

However, in a moment of complete transparency, I’ll admit that there are times I might feel a little less passionate, or just like I’m not able to give the industry my all. And I’m sure I’m not alone there.

Especially as we enter the peak of the season, in one of the busiest seasons the industry has seen, it’s important to remember that the passion we show for the industry and boating lifestyle is contagious and can make the difference in an experience for a new, or even returning customer.

“We can never forget how amazing this industry is,” OneWater Marine chief technology officer Dave Witty told me during an interview a while back. “We’re in an incredible business. No other business out there offers such incredible experiences for our customers, as well as our team members.”

So if you find yourself in the throes of an insanely busy rush at the dealership, or facing inventory challenges, or anything else, take a breath and a minute to remind yourself why you love boating, and remember that the passion you hold for boating and its lifestyle is contagious for your next customer.

2021 Top 100 application deadline extended

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