By Adam Quandt

Here we are, the close of the year that was 2020 and what a year it has been.

From a global pandemic to unprecedented boat sales and everything else in between, it has often felt like this year has not given any of us a chance to slow down and catch our breath at all. And while the close of the year doesn’t magically fix everything that needs to be fixed, it’s certainly a time to reflect and take that moment to catch your breath.

It seems easy to focus on the negatives that 2020 brought; the coronavirus pandemic, a seemingly never-ending election in the U.S., cancelled boat shows across the globe. However, as you reflect on the year that was and prepare for the year to come, I challenge you to take a moment to really focus on the positives and what you can bring into the new year, personally and professionally.

I know encouraging everyone to reflect is the typical message this time of year. However, despite the cliché, I believe this year brings the need for reflection more than most years past.

How have you adapted to a new way of doing things? Have any of these new adaptations made things easier in the long run? What can you bring into the future with you to continue to grow both personally and professionally?

Here at Boating Industry, we’re still ecstatic about celebrating the 2020 Top 100 and our ability to still celebrate with all of you in an unprecedented virtual format. While, a virtual format won’t be permanent, as we realize the importance and value in meeting and celebrating in person, we’ve learned that we can use this digital landscape to expand and bring the program into the future.

And while this year of Top 100 was different in many ways, the program still highlights some of the strongest and most successful dealers across North America. The 2020 Top 100 continued to set benchmarks in customer service and sales. And on top of what many deem a stressful year, the 2020 Top 100 brought newcomers to the program and a refreshed sense of competitiveness and at the same time, collaboration.

The boating industry has weathered many storms prior to this and it will continue to do so through the events and hurdles faced in 2020. As we reflect, we must take note of things that have to be changed in order to secure future growth and implement those changes as we move forward into the new year and beyond.

Speaking of moving forward into the new year, keep an eye out for the applications for the 2021 Top 100. Applications should be live in January or early February as we begin to gear up for another year of celebrating the best of the best.

However, before we move into a new year of Top 100, I want to be sure to thank the organizations that make the Top 100 program possible. As the 2020 Leadership Alliance, Dealer Profit Services and Kicker Marine Audio surely acknowledge the importance of supporting the best dealers across the industry.

The continued support of the Top 100 Leadership Alliance allows us to both celebrate the Top 100 and share their best practices with the entire industry throughout the entire year.

Adam Quandt is the director of the Boating Industry Top 100 program and the managing editor of Boating Industry magazine.

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