Back to school: Riding the wave of learning to sales activation

By Chuck Lewis

School is back in session. Summer is over already, although I’m squeezing in a late-summer surf as of this writing.

In this blog series we want to discuss how we can use technology and contemporary learning to elevate the boat buying experience, retain employees and make learning fun and practical. As our children enter their classroom and even though we have stepped out of the classroom and the lecture hall, the learning process never stops, and the value of being educated never loses its potency.

Within the last few years we have seen a shift in learning as the rules of the way we share information has changed. Today we are more saturated than ever with information, and that makes learning and retaining information much more challenging.

I’m going to get a bit technical here so hang in there with me. Our memories are categorized into a hierarchical system that is based on frequency of remembrance and visitation. The best learners today are the people who have created a balanced internal and external system to help them remember the information that is used to solve problems and interact effectively with prospects and customers. We call this high value memory. This high value memory can be asserted in a few ways, but the favorite of most every industry in the business world is the habitual system. The habitual system offsets the forgetting curve.

A habitual learning system equates a valuable personal development or professional process to the same practical approach that is found in tasks throughout all our lives.  Taking the time to devote a portion of your workday to reaffirm the foundational elements of being confident about what you do is the track that leads to a high performing workforce. Practice makes perfect is the motto of any pro athlete or musician, and the business world has learned that to be the best you have to behave like the best.

The playing field today makes so much room for equality, but it must be earned. Nothing good comes to those who are not willing to progress. Good business practices today are all about creating a memorable experience for the customer. Any service or product today is challenged by some lesser version that gets the customer a close second that may get the job done. Be the expert, be the closer be that organization that makes the customer say, “I’m doing business with them or I have to have that product.”

In closing, remember how exciting it was for you and your team to begin the learning process that lead you to where you are today. Whether it was selling your first boat or your first day in your sales training or technician training the message is all the same. You are the master of your own destiny if you are willing to take the time to achieve the skills necessary to drive the results you need. So, let’s get back into the classroom. As we will discuss in future blogs the classroom is going to look a lot different and hopefully more fun!

Chuck Lewis is the Co-Founder of ChannelPRO Mobile a learning and sales activation platform. He has over 20 years experience taking products from the whiteboard to execution. He is an avid surfer and boater and has worked with the marine industry for 20 years. Visit Chuck at IBEX on October 2, 2019,in Room 24 for the Digital Innovators Pop Up Show

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