Auction proceeds from Tigé Boats will benefit California Fire Foundation

Tigé Boats has made a commitment to donate and auction off two new Tigé Boats that will directly benefit the California Fire Foundation.

The wildfires in California have devastated and destroyed thousands of homes and caused hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate, leaving behind everything.

Firefighters have worked endlessly, tirelessly, and risked their lives to battle the blazes.

In 1991, Tigé Boats Owner and CEO Charlie Pigeon founded Tigé in Merced, Calif.  Today, Tigé Boats is located in Texas.

With the help of the Tigé family around the globe, the company is pulling together to provide financial and emotional assistance to families, firefighters, and the communities effected by the fires.

“Those effected by the fires in California have been laying heavily on our hearts,” Pigeon said. “We just want to do our part by helping out the true heroes, their families, and the communities they protect.”

The two brand-new boats on auction will be a 2018 Tigé R20 and 2018 Tigé Z1.

The bidding will begin at $50,000 per boat. Tigé guarantees a minim donation of $20,000 to California Fire Foundation, plus all of the money raised thereafter through the auction.

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