Weekly 5: Video: Arkansas boat dealer agrees to prison term

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1. Video: Arkansas boat dealer agrees to prison term

Gary Eubanks, a Greers Ferry, Ark., boat dealer has agreed to a plea deal to spend up to 10 years in prison after he was accused of ripping off several boat sellers.

Local authorities say that Eubanks was engaged by several people to sell their boats on consignment, but never passed the proceeds on to them. He will have to also pay more than $200,000 in restitution as part of the deal.

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2. More Miami show controversy as city cuts down protected trees

As part of its efforts to prepare the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin for the 2016 Miami International Boat Show, the city of Miami cleared about 300 feet of shoreline.

Just one problem – among the trees removed were black and red mangroves, which cannot be cut down without a permit, the Miami Herald reported.
Show opponents say the mistake highlights the potential environmental problems of hosting the show at the stadium.

3. NOAA report shows major benefits of recreational fishing to California

Recreational fishing is a significant contributor to California’s economy, generating more than $200 million in economic activity and supporting nearly 1,400 jobs, according to a new study from NOAA

“This report underscores the value of national marine sanctuaries as focal points for recreation and local economic development,” said Bob Leeworthy, chief economist for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. “It also highlights the important role sanctuaries play in protecting the health and integrity of critical marine ecosystems, including places cherished by recreational saltwater anglers.”

4. NMMA testifies against proposed ethanol rule

The National Marine Manufacturers Association testified against the EPA’s plans for ethanol levels in the nation’s fuel supply at a public hearing in Kansas City, Mo., last week.

NMMA’s Grassroots and Government Relations Manager Michael Lewan represented the association at the hearing and shared the industry’s concerns about the increased use of E15 and decreased availability of zero-ethanol fuels.

“Without the guaranteed availability of approved fuels, a station with a dedicated E15 hose is not required to additionally sell E10 or lower blends,” Lewan told the EPA. “Such a scenario would leave consumers without appropriate alternatives.”

5. What type of business plan is best for you?

Thinking of writing or revising your company’s business plan? The Small Business Administration has some tips on getting it done.

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