MRAA unveils legislative tracker tool

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced the launch of a new legislative tracker, made possible by the support of MRAA’s Diamond Ambassadors. This tool highlights legislation the MRAA is tracking and advocating for or against on behalf of the marine industry. This new addition to the website provides MRAA members the ability to take a deep dive into the legislative priorities of the MRAA.

The legislative tracker, located at, is powered by public affairs software Quorum. The tracker is divided into state and federal legislation, with the state tracker featuring a map to allow members to view what the MRAA is tracking in their state. The tool also allows members to filter and sort state and federal legislation by topic, position and status.

“We’re thrilled to be able to give MRAA members a clearer view into the day-to-day work that MRAA’s advocacy team does to support our members and the industry overall,” says Mike Sayre, MRAA Director of Government Relations. “In addition to this new resource, Quorum allows us to find, review, and take positions on more legislation and regulatory actions around the country and at the federal level faster and more efficiently than before, helping to keep our members informed on the issues that matter to them.”

Since integrating Quorum into the the Government Relations Team workflow, MRAA has honed its ability to track and analyze legislation and regulations that may negatively impact marine retailers. This proactive approach allows the team to engage with lawmakers early in the process, addressing potential impacts on marine retailers before they become critical issues. Additionally, Quorum’s ability to monitor social media, news, and other relevant sources provides the team with a thorough understanding of the political landscape.

“Quorum has made it easier to identify and track legislation, allowing MRAA to proactively protect marine retailers from harmful policies at both state and federal levels. Each day, we use Quorum alerts to stay ahead of any legislative or regulatory proposals that could negatively impact our members,” says Chad Tokowicz, MRAA Government Relations Manager. “Every morning is spent checking alerts generated by Quorum to ensure that we are on top of any and all legislative or regulatory proposals that may negatively impact your business.”

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