Raymarine collaborates with ePropulsion on chartplotter integration

Raymarine recently announced that it has joined forces with ePropulsion to allow boaters to display engine data from their ePropulsion electric motors directly on Axiom displays, without the need for additional gateways or add-on interface boxes.

ePropulsion is among the first electric engine manufacturers to adopt the new NMEA 2000 standards for electric engines, and Raymarine’s recently released LightHouse 4.6 operating system for Axiom chartplotters made them the first to support electric motor PGN messages. This integration allows boaters to monitor data and status updates directly on Axiom’s engine dashboard application. The Axiom engine dashboard allows boaters to monitor the ePropulsion motor’s battery level, speed, gear and estimated range. For additional simplicity, a dynamic range ring overlays on the chartplotter display, making it easy to visualize current cruising range and optimize energy consumption. This new functionality is available on ePropulsion X-Series outboards and I-Series inboard motors and compatible Raymarine Axiom displays.
“It’s always been important for us to provide users with all the information they may need to make their on-the-water experience as smooth as possible,” said Grégoire Outters, General Manager at Raymarine. “It has been incredible working alongside one of the most innovative electric engine manufacturers to bring industry-first functionality to a previously under-represented class of boater. We’re confident that those who’ve adopted electric propulsion will appreciate the forward thinking of ePropulsion and Raymarine.”
“We have worked hard to lead the industry in making electric propulsion more accessible,” said Danny Tao, Co-founder and CEO, ePropulsion. “The engineering team at Raymarine have been so supportive in incorporating the vital data from our engines to give both of our customers a seamless and intuitive engine data display. We are very proud to work with Raymarine in this effort, and we know that the results will speak for themselves.”  

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