Yamaha Rightwaters sponsors University of Georgia capstone course

Yamaha Rightwaters joined forces with the University of Georgia (UGA) to sponsor a Sustainability Certificate Capstone Project focused on enhancing its current plastics recycling program. Sustainability Certificate Capstone Projects help clients address pressing sustainability challenges while providing students with an opportunity to apply their academic learning and develop valuable skills.

Capstone teams are typically made up of three to five students from over 70 majors, overseen by a faculty mentor to ensure quality and provide expertise. UGA students Maci Willets and Elizabeth Finely, both of whom are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Ecology, are the two students currently working to earn Sustainability Certificates through the Yamaha Rightwaters Capstone Project.

“This project builds off of the success of the Yamaha Rightwaters plastics recycling program and allows these two students to work with dealerships, boat builders, and other Yamaha customers to collect supply chain plastic and redirect it towards productive uses,” said Joshua Grier, Sustainability Manager. “The students will help identify and catalog our largest producers as well as calculate the impacts of our diversions. By identifying recycling partners and processors near to our largest plastic waste generators, we can minimize secondary emissions and strengthen relationships within our dealer and boat builder communities. We look forward to working with Maci and Elizabeth and we’re eager to see how they can help us move the project forward.”

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