Sea Pro Boats expands Boat Fix partnership

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, sophisticated geofencing and 24/7 live customer support, announced the expansion of their partnership with Sea Pro to an industry first five-year program under the Sea Pro Connect name with free towing support.
Sea Pro Connect now offers the Boat Fix remote monitoring and tracking device, together with five years of 24/7 alarm monitoring and support and an around-the-clock mechanical helpline. Previously gifted as a one year model to all Sea Pro owners with model year 2020 and beyond vessels, the app and service has been a game changer for Sea Pro customers who have support on the water when their dealerships are closed. In addition to the new five-year program, Sea Pro Connect will now include five years of towing support which complements the 24/7 mechanical help line.
“This raises the boating industry bar in customer experience to a dazzling new height,” said Alastair Crawford, Founder of Boat Fix. “A five-year 24/7 service program backed by towing is a quantum leap forward. Sea Pro did not hesitate at the opportunity, and once again has shown themselves to be the clear leaders in providing the ultimate customer experience.”
“We have always seen Boat Fix as a gamechanger and one of the most important sale differentiators in a highly competitive market,” said Jimmy Hancock, President of Sea Pro Boats. “We are excited to up the level of that game.”
Sea Pro Connect provides the new Sea Pro owner with an app that remotely tracks and monitors their boats. The app has GPS playback, anti-theft features, as well as alarms for the essential functions of the boat. Powered by the Boat Fix 24/7 Command and Control Center in Southport, Conn., Sea Pro owners can call in 24/7/365 for assistance, including mechanical issues, and the Boat Fix Team provides around the clock monitoring and outbound support for alarms.

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