MIASF celebrates apprenticeship program graduates

The Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF), in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education and Atlantic Technical College, is proud to celebrate the graduates of the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program. Eight accomplished apprentices have completed the program, which launched in 2020. Each graduate demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various areas of yacht maintenance and service.

The Yacht Service Technician Apprentice Program (YSTAP) is a comprehensive two-year initiative that provides aspiring yacht technicians with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive maritime industry. The program offers a nationally recognized credential that covers a wide range of marine proficiencies including yacht painting, welding, carpentry, hydraulics, machining, lifting, rigging, safety protocols, and workplace employability skills.

Throughout the program, the apprentices worked diligently to hone their skills, all while maintaining full-time positions at participating employer companies. Balancing work commitments with their studies, these dedicated individuals attended classes one night a week at Atlantic Technical College. The rigorous curriculum and hands-on training ensured they gained practical experience directly applicable to their roles within the marine industry.

The graduation celebration took place on Wednesday night, August 23, at the Marine Industries Association of South Florida’s member showcase event. Apprentices, joined by their families, were recognized for their remarkable achievements and dedication to mastering the craft of yacht service technology. The event provided an opportunity for industry leaders, mentors, family members, and program partners to celebrate and honor the hard work and commitment exhibited by the graduates.

“The successful completion of the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program marks a significant milestone for both the apprentices and the maritime industry as a whole,” said Lori Wheeler, Vice President of MIASF and Chair of the YSTAP Committee. “These apprentices have demonstrated exceptional dedication, resilience, and skill throughout the program, and we are confident that they will continue to contribute significantly to the growth and excellence in the yacht service field.”

The Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program stands as an example of the collaboration between industry associations, educational institutions, dedicated individuals and companies passionate about fostering talent and innovation in the marine sector. As the graduates embark on the next phase of their careers, they carry with them the invaluable experiences and knowledge gained through this transformative program.

For more information about the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program and its upcoming initiatives, visit www.miasf.org/apprentice-program. 

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